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Good guys – Guns = Safer?

New CenturyLink gun policy riles law enforcement CenturyLink management has decided that off-duty officers going to events at CenturyLink as fans can no longer bring guns through the gates. As an alum of the University of Washington, I have season … Continue reading

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Me and the police

I awoke this morning to someone pounding on the front door. As I was trying to wrangle the barking dogs, I heard from the other side, “Police. Open the door.” I do as instructed, while my wife handles the dogs. … Continue reading

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@ The Commonwealth Club [UPDATE WITH AUDIO]

…in San Francisco, where Calguns Foundation chief Gene Hoffman is the token pro-gun panelist of the night on a panel discussing you can guess what. Basically a more erudite version of Piers Morgan’s nightly antigun show. 4 to 1 odds … Continue reading

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Deaf to the Whispers of History

Lately there has been a large number of mentions of past gun control laws, both in and outside the US. As is usual, the mention of the Nuremberg Gun Control Laws, passed through the Reichstag and signed by Hitler in … Continue reading

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