Sad, Yet Interesting

From the AP

A group of lawmakers has urged the Justice Department to respect recent votes in Colorado and Washington state allowing the recreational use of marijuana, and some introduced a bill to ensure that happens.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette of Colorado said Friday that her bill would bar the federal government from blocking state marijuana laws. Several other lawmakers have signed on, including Republican Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado.

“I voted against Amendment 64 and I strongly oppose the legalization of marijuana, but I also have an obligation to respect the will of the voters,” Coffman said in a statement. “I feel obligated to support this legislation.”

Voters this month made Washington and Colorado the first states to allow adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce of marijuana and to set up state licensing schemes for pot growers, processors and retail stores. Taxes could bring the states tens or hundreds of millions of dollars a year, financial analysts say.

It is sad that they have to ask permission of the feds to set up their drug stores. And yet interesting that they have even gone so far as to do so.

I was hoping that with our state elections Washington State would get an AG that would have the balls to arrest and try federal agents who attempted to make federal arrests on activities legal within the state laws. Sadly, no. Instead, we got a wet paper towel.

Also interesting is the newest addition to the Seattle PD’s website:

Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana use in Seattle

One of the Q&A’s

Q: December 6th seems like a really long ways away. What happens if I get caught with marijuana before then?

A: Hold your breath.


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