Oh Well

So last night was a disappointment. It is as though half of America went

But, as Uncle said, “Moochers Gonna Mooch”.

I have been around the leftosphere and seen this and variants of it everywhere

Because they care more about the Sesame Street characters being employed than actual people having jobs.

But it wasn’t a total loss for me. In a move that will surely get me put onto some sort of new list created by AG Holder, I traded a couple of lesser pistols that had become safequeens for this

A Smith & Wesson Model 19-6. Possibly to become my new carry piece (after a change in grips).

I’ve been suffering under a fresh round of bad dreams where my semi-auto jams. This has led me not only to this purchase, but also to me cleaning my already clean firearms and buying and installing new springs and other parts. I really hate those dreams.

You should likewise be inspired to do the same. Not repeatedly clean and re-spring all your semi-autos, but to buy more firearms.

Just call it good salesmanship by the world’s greatest gun salesman.

Firearms: The new currency of the Obamanation.

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7 Responses to Oh Well

  1. NotClauswitz says:

    Don’t forget the Ammo-salemanship – what kind of re-loading setup are you gonna get? 🙂

  2. Toastrider says:

    Did the Obama campaign ever honor CTW’s demand to stop using Big Bird in their ads?

  3. Brian says:

    You might want to try a CZ-82 or CZ-83. Mine never jams,-ever. It’s well made, inexpensive, compact, accurate, carries easily, feels good in the hand, ambidexterous safety and mag release, and holds 13 rounds of bullety goodness. Can be carried locked and cocked like a 1911 in condition 1, or hammer down in double action mode.I don’t mind it being a 9 mm makarov, what really matters is putting the bullets where you want them to go.

    Brian, Redmond, Wa

  4. Phil says:

    I’m not sure, Toastrider.

    Thanks for the tip, Brian. I have a CZ83 and I agree that they are both nice and reliable. However, they are 9×18 or 9×17 and I’m looking for a major caliber. If I could have afforded a wheelgun in 45ACP or 10mm I’d have grabbed one of those. I’ve shot competitions with revolvers and done just as well with them as I’ve done with semi-autos, so I’m not really losing anything. Plus, I’ve got two other .357’s and the 19 will add nicely to the collection.

  5. Rivrdog says:

    Phil, look no farther than Charter Arms. You can have your choice of the Pitbull, in .40 S&W (maybe soon in .45 ACP), or the Bulldog, in .44 Special. Both are 2.25″ barrels, both fit in the same holsters as a Ruger SP101. The problem with .357 as a snubby revolver cartridge is that most loadings make a giant fireball when touched off, and the “short-barrel” .357 loads are a compromise that put you down into the .38 Special +P range, so you might as well carry a Model 60 and save the weight and bulk.

    The advantage of the 44 Bulldog is that you can put a 200-gr solid-lead pill into an opponent at just under 1,000 FPS, and that wide boolit will do plenty of damage if it never mushrooms or fragments at all. If you load one that does mushroom, and the XTPs and Gold Dots will, out to at least .65″, it is a definite one-shot stop, with moderate hand-slap and low flash. 6.5-gr of Unique will do the job of pushing it.

  6. Rivrdog says:

    BTW, Phil. The solution for those bad dreams is better whiskey, or more trips to the range to shoot those carry pistols, or both.

  7. Phil says:

    I’m not sure about the reloading set-up just yet, Not. I’m looking at the Dillons.

    The 2.5in 19 is a good compromise, RD. I was looking a S&W NightGuard in 44Spl, but it was a couple bills higher than I had to spend. I also would like to stick to at least a 6-shot, since I’m giving up at least 9 with my 1911 and 14 with the HiPower. So I think this compromise will do nicely.

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