Guess What, You’re Stupid

A group of social scientists said so

Studies Reveal that Conservatism is Promoted When People Rely on ‘Low-Effort’ Thinking

Expect to have this bandied about for the next couple weeks. Hit the link to see how flimsy the data set looks.

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  1. AMB says:

    Aside from my usual objections regarding psychological studies relying on self-reporting of college students, I notice one interesting part of the paper.

    The first of the experiments they ran correlated alcohol consumption with agreement to conservative attitudes. Among people my age (the age most likely to be drinking in bars) conservatism is profoundly taboo. Alcohol inhibits prohibitions and might make people relaxed enough to admit that they are politically conservative or to agree with statements that they know are unpopular with their peer group.

    I’m guessing the study took place in college towns and that its subjects were mostly college-age kids, steeped in conformist peer pressure. But there are some that, after a few drinks, are willing to admit agreement with at least some of the (broad, debatable) hallmarks of conservatism outlined by the researchers.

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