Doesn’t everybody know this?

Ruben Navarette, of the AP, wrote an Op-Ed stating what any sane person knows to be the truth:

The Democrat Party is the roadblock to true immigration reform.

They know that if immigration reform is passed, then they will have one less item with which to bash the Republican over the head with.

The usual game plan works like this: If the Republicans move one inch to the center, they move two inches away from the center towards the extremist position and then they and their media cohorts start calling that the center. This way, real reform will never be achieved and they can go into the next election with a carrot to dangle in front of Hispanic voters.

After the publication of this Op-Ed, the idea that this is how immigration politics actually works was roundly poo-pooed by the leftosphere. And just for good measure, they repeated the “Republicans are Racist” mantra.

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  1. Rolf says:

    That is pretty much the same way the left argues against the Jews of Israel is solving the Palestinian problem. Or real energy solutions. Or altering environmental regulations. Or education reform. Move the goals and thereby move the “moderate middle”, bash the enemy as “extreme” (a very well focus group tested word), and keep fighting until you get everything you want. Only works when you control the media and education, so people don’t really understand logic or history or current events….

    Oh. Wait….


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