The Asheville, North Carolina Tea Party PAC held a “Machine Gun Social”. $25-$50 depending on which gun you want to shoot, all proceeds going to the Tea Party and their candidates.

Sounds like a hit to me. And I’m sure it was.

But, as is usual, leftists see people they disagree with having fun and proceed to shit themselves.

That 3 minutes has the highest concentration of stupid I’ve seen in a video in quite a long time. The female co-host has absolutely no idea of what she is saying. I have more knowledge of how perming solution works than she does about firearms and the laws governing firearms. The male cohost Markley’s himself within just a few sentences. And he is supposed to be one of the smarter ones on the left.


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5 Responses to Winning!

  1. The media will twist any free idea that is out there. That reporter sounded like an idiot. She had no idea what she was referring too. Pay no mind to those dumb asses.

  2. emdfl says:

    Class III friend of mine ran a shoot for a business group he belongs to and got asked by a member of the RNC to go up to Indiana and run a shoot at a fund raiser…

  3. For a coupla Reds, that was actually more fair-minded than I expected. Of course the bimbette had no objection to the gubmint – that which routinely does War and Genocide – having “machine guns”.

  4. dfwmtx says:

    The male reporter is a bit more telling:
    (paraphrase)”I’ve done it in a safe manner, I found it fun, yet I disapprove because it’s a bunch of Tea Partiers instead of government employees doing it, even though it’s being done in a safe manner. I must defend the Party line at all costs, even though my experience has shown otherwise!”

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