Not even the right question

Alternate Title: What you’ll be hearing the left talk about at their convention next week.

At the DNC next week, the Democrats will be beginning their campaign to try and change the language in the debate of our nation’s economy. One new phrase you will be hearing repeated over and over will be “Prosperity Economics”. They believe that this phrase is the alternate to what is being described by both sides as “Austerity”, but which is nothing of the kind.

Nothing has really changed here. Their plan is still to increase taxes on “The Rich” to pay for more freebees to “The Poor”. Unfortunately for those who are going to fall for this tripe, there aren’t enough “Rich People” to soak for the necessary funding, which will lead to more deficit spending that the nation cannot afford (unless you’re one of those Keynesians on crack, like Paul Krugman).

Here is the quick and dirty version:

Prosperity economics is built on three pillars: growth, security and democracy. These pillars reinforce one another and are intertwined politically and economically.

• Dynamic, innovation-led growth, grounded in job creation, public investment and broad opportunity

We must take immediate action to jumpstart our sagging economy. In the future, we need to invest in people and productivity that will lead to good jobs and rising wages. Growth alone is not sufficient to sustain our nation. We need long-term growth that is broadly enjoyed, sustainable in light of our resource and energy constraints and driven by investments in our workforce and strong collective bargaining rules that raise our standard of living.

• Security for workers and their families, the environment and government finances

Markets work better when working families feel a basic security for their futures. A dynamic and competitive market requires a strong foundation that is reinforced by programs like Social Security and Medicare that guarantee a secure retirement and access to health care. Markets also work better when governments have the resources to operate smoothly far into the future. These resources are best raised through a progressive tax structure that supports the middle class; no more tax giveaways for corporations and super rich.

• Democratic voice, inclusivity and accountability in Washington and the workplace

Money is increasingly corrupting and corroding democracy. When economic winners are allowed to write the economic rules, the rest of America becomes poorer and our political system weaker. For democracy to thrive, strong Unions, and empowered citizens and community organizations are needed to ensure that workers and the broader public have an organized, effective voice in our politics.

Yes, it is more of the same, but the packaging is slick and “backed up” by some new lackeys with letters after their names.

The head lackey is a Yale Professor named Jacob Hacker, here is a quick vid of him trying to put a shine on this turd

This “plan” follows none of the basic tenets of modern economics. Seriously, if you read this plan and then attempted to pass a 100 or 200 college level course in Economics, you would fail. I should know, I just got my “A” grade in Econ 202 (aka: Macroeconomics) from last quarter and am looking to snag a second top of class grade in Econ 201 (aka: Microeconomics) this Fall.

But all that aside, do watch for this and figure out your in-person and online arguments now, because if you wait, the minions will be speaking the new language before you can figure out what they’re saying.

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4 Responses to Not even the right question

  1. Rolf says:

    FAIL, cubed.

    “Public investment” is an PC way of saying “pay off our cronys with fat contracts to do things that may, or may not, need to be done, but sound good.”

    Security sounds good, except that people who are too secure get comfy and don’t work nearly as hard or produce as much as someone fearing the consequences of a poor work ethic- look at all the highly “secure” government functionaries and how efficiently they work. “Somewhat Scared” is far more productive and efficient.

    Inclusivity is only useful if you are including things that work, and accountability in a distant government bureaucracy is a joke; accountability in the marketplaace is far swifter and more accurate if we jettison most of the government interventions in the marketplace.

  2. Bram says:

    “inclusivity and accountability”? Why not be accountable now? Why not hold the Senate accountable for passing a budget, or the President for being the most “transparent” ever?

  3. Lergnom says:

    Prob’ly sounded better in the original Russian.
    Stay safe

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