Childish: Updated

So, I’ve been watching the leftosphere’s reaction to the murders from last week in Colorado. Not surprising, most are of the sort from John Aravosis of the AmericaBlog

“Ban em all”

Or this from leftist hate-monger, David Neiwert

“We’ll have to wait and see what motivated James Holmes to open fire on a theater full of innocent moviegoers. But if he turns out to be a psychopath with an unholy attachment to some right-wing ideology, it will not really be surprising. Indeed, it will be all too familiar, all too predictable.”

One slightly surprising addition came from Washington State’s chronically losing candidate, Darcy Burner. I say it is surprising because she is running for elected office again this year and she put up a very childish post up at both the Daily Kos and the Crooks and Liars blog.

Her post is titled “An Adult Conversation About Guns” and it is, in total: A few paragraphs containing what little was known about the murders in Colorado on Friday afternoon, a list of other mass murders involving firearms going back to 1989, two more paragraphs containing “feelings” instead of facts and then three quick lines, the last of which I will quote…

It’s time we had an adult conversation about guns in this country. The NRA can go to hell.

So, apparently, according to Darcy Burner, an adult conversation means talking about your feelings and telling a civil rights organization that they are not invited, quite probably because they might bring a fact or two to the table.

I am quite sure that that is the exact opposite of an adult conversation. That is a childish argument.

If Mrs. Burner would like to actually have an adult conversation about firearms, she needs to stop denying the facts about firearms.

I would like you all to join me by copy and pasting the above links and emailing them to the other candidates in the WA-1 congressional race, including the other candidates with the letter D after her name, the single Republican candidate and the single Independent candidate. You can find the links to their campaigns here.

Mrs. Burner needs to be shown that her childish way of thinking is not welcome in Washington State and discouraged from running for office in the future by losing in the WA-1 primary election. If this action will help, it is very well worth the couple of minutes it will take you to notify her opposition and let them know where the people stand.

UPDATE: Here are four of the necessary email addy’s (The Republican doesn’t list an email, but provides a contact box and one of the Democrats only lists his WA.GOV addy, which I’m not sure he can use for campaigning purposes).

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Also, below is the text of my email:

To Who It May Concern,

Last Friday, Darcy Burner posted a childish argument at the Daily Kos and the Crooks and Liars blogs on the topic of gun control. Her closing line willfully tells the NRA, a civil rights organization with a very large membership count in Washington State, to “Go to hell.”

I have no doubt that in the coming days and weeks before the primary she will look back and regret her posting at those two very partisan and hyperbolic weblogs. But only if those also asking for the votes of the people in Washington’s 1st Congressional District let the people know about them.

Please, do not let her hatred of the civil rights of the residents of Washington State go unacknowledged.


Feel free to use it, though I’m sure a message that doesn’t look exactly the same would get more attention.

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