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I just find this really impressive

Both the scenery and the work. I’m not familiar at all with felling trees, but seeing what seems a dangerous job done with cheerful, determined competence is pretty nifty.

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In Soviet Russia, Censored Maps Fool You!

Oh wait, make that America. My bad. I mean, really, censoring maps? If a road is not visible on the Government’s published map, it is closed to you, Citizen. Jesus Christ, this bureaucratic nonsense is getting spookier by the day.

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Sorry for the delay, but the June e-Postal match results have finally been tallied. We had two factors in their being late: My lazy self, and a prescheduled late entry. So, again, sorry fro the delay, but let’s get on … Continue reading

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Art Imintates Life

Those who say it is the opposite are very likely in need of a good examination of their heads. Poland does something beautiful GDANSK, Poland — Polish officials unveiled a statue of former President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul … Continue reading

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