We Are Family: Part Deux

Thank you all for stopping by today. I would like to take a moment to introduce you all to the newest member of the household.

Say hello to Missus Davenport. (click to enlarge on all)

The Wife and I brought her home last Tuesday and she has been getting to know her way around the house and yard.

She is another little mixed breed dog. Most likely what happens when a Corgi gets down with a Chihuahua. She is about the size of a few month old Lab puppy, which is the perfect size to be Gigi’s girlfriend.

He back-story is a sad one: She was hit by a car in San Bernadino and was brought to an animal hospital with a broken pelvis around the end of February. She was put back together there, and then, like Buster, she was brought north to Washington and placed in a rescue.

We found her at the Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue in Puyallup (for non-locals, that is pronounced “pew-all-up”) which is attached to the East Main Animal Hospital. They are a “hard-luck pup” shelter and she convalesced there for a couple months before they put her up on their website.

The Firebase Blue Canine Trifecta is now back in formation and all is well.

Now, onto business. Since she was, quite literally, rescued from certain death and had no owner to contact, the name “Missus Davenport” was given to her by those helping to get her back up and walking. However, she does not respond to it the vast majority of the time. So, we are working on something she will respond to. It will probably something similar sounding since dogs really only respond to the clicks, hisses, pops, and other sounds we humans make while pronouncing their “names”. Currently, were trying to call her Miss D and hope to transition that into Misty or some such.

If anyone out there has any ideas to offer, we’d be glad to try them out a few times. So have at it.

And just as I did with the Rescue we found Buster at, I would like to recommend Sunny Skys to you. If you or someone you know is in the Puget Sound area and has the time and resources to take care of a special needs hard luck pup, they are a fine place to visit. There currently is the littlest blind Chihuahua there that I almost brought home. But between work/school/sleep, I would not have nearly the amount of time he would need.

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  1. Davidwhitewolf says:

    If you’re looking for innuendo, Mistress D works — especially paired with a GG. Other than that, I got nothin.’

    What a cute pair! Looks like they should complement each other very well.

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