Meanwhile, in Bizzarro World

Last week was a high mark for leftosphere video wackiness. I have collected some of them for your enjoyment.

First up, even pMSNBC is not far enough to the left for your average “progressive” these days. No, they are all tuning in to watch the news on Russia Today.

The wackiness begins before the 00:30 mark. Ted Rall gets taken seriously near the end.

Next up, we have a V-Cast by one Julianna Forlano. Made to look like a newscast (strangely, a newscast from Russia Today), Forlano attempts humor, only to end up appearing more and more spiteful as the video goes on.

She does know that her last name does not require her to wear that hairstyle, right?

This next one is a whopper. Or maybe a doozy. I can’t quite tell.

It was released by the Combe For Congress campaign and the premise is that of a twenty-something coming home and having to answer his parents about some of the rumors they’ve been hearing about him around town. It is at that time he comes “out of the closet” to his parents. Yep, he’s a Democrat. The parents proceed to weep, wail, moan and blame each other for this sad turn in his life.

While I suppose it could be funny to some, I have never particularly found the mocking of the struggle hundreds of thousands of individuals have gone through to express their sexuality to their loved ones without being kicked out of the family funny.

On a less serious note, why shouldn’t the parents be crushed? They just had their son tell them that his highest aspiration in life was to be a leech on both them and the American taxpayer for as long as he lives.

That IS a reason for an asswhipping followed by disowning.

And to cap off what I’m sure has been a fun filled few minutes of leftospheric videos for all, via Politico we see that before the President could speak at the NALEO Conference last week, attendees had to hand over their forks to the Secret Service.

If his supporters can’t be trusted with eating utensils, he is in sad shape.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    Ted Rall? Excuse me while I go to the outhouse and kill some spiders…

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