Authoritarians on Parade

Yesterday, pMSNBC’s weekend imp, Chris Hayes, took on the subject of Bloomberg’s NYC ban of sugary drinks 16fl oz and larger.

Most of you all will not be surprised that he sided with Bloomberg.

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His panelists brought up the “societal damage” and “public healthcare costs” of sugary drinks while patting themselves on the backs for agreeing with the law. They already believe that your body is the government’s property and responsibility, so no sweets for you lest the government has to pay for it.

If you take a look at the panel, it is very likely that at least half of the people on it complain about police interactions with male members of the black community or the black community in general, at least every week. Yet they are giving a thumbs up to giving the police more reason to interact with members of the black community. Do they not see the connection?

And I guarantee you that each and every one of the panelists wholeheartedly agrees that it is the Tea Party and/or people such as myself, that think it is better for people to make their own life-decisions, who are the biggest danger to society, not the nanny state’s mission creep into the personal food consumption habits of individuals.

They continue on in this next video.

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About the only sensible thing they talk about is changing the food stamp program so that the purchaser can only buy things like vegetables, rice, flour, meat, etc. and no prepackaged or processed foods. And they don’t even come right out and say that, it is only wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Near the end of it they get a big chuckle over the idea that some people might not like the government taxing just soft drinks, fruit juices and sports drinks because of the sweeteners in them.

In this follow up video, they finally get around to flat out letting the viewer know that people are too stupid to know that they’re being “brainwashed” by big food corporations into wanting their products. I’m sorry, I know a handful of people are that dumb, but those people only vote Democrat and are also too stupid to know they were just insulted. However, when they’re trying to include me in that figure, I get slightly offended.

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They never even stop to think that they might be wrong.

It must be nice to be that “intellectual”.

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5 Responses to Authoritarians on Parade

  1. I have a idea for a post relating to this. I think there’s a big pile of unintended consequences, not to mention a big fat pile of absurdity that no one has actually noticed yet. I think that’s what I’ll write up tonight. Only question is if I can get pictures of the stuff I need for the graphics. Because it will be hilarious!

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  3. emdfl says:

    Back before every moocher had a tax-payer funded debit card, the food stamp program DID limit what could be purchased with those stamps.

  4. Scott says:

    In the first video, Bloomberg says, “If you want 32oz of soda, you just have to get it in two cups.” Okay, sure…until McDonalds starts selling sodas as “buy one get one free.” You see, the market is clever and will always find a loophole in the laws of good intentions.

    Secondly, with the slogan “Lean Forward” and five hacks all nodding their heads in agreement, who do they think they are kidding? And the cherry is that the hosts dad works for the NYC health department! This wasn’t a discussion; it was a circle jerk. Isn’t the host that twerp who said that calling our soldiers “heroes” was a bad thing? I swear, Phil must be the only guy in the world who watches MSNBC anymore. Thanks, Phil, for taking one for the team.

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