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I really like this guy

Check out his channel. Some of the earlier videos are pretty rough, but the latest ones are great.

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At the risk of sounding racist

Hypothetically, Alija Abdul Majed could have easily let Ali or Hakim get right through security and no one would have been the wiser.

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Meanwhile, in Bizzarro World

Last week was a high mark for leftosphere video wackiness. I have collected some of them for your enjoyment. First up, even pMSNBC is not far enough to the left for your average “progressive” these days. No, they are all … Continue reading

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The New Style

In 2008, the Obama for President campaign had thousands of anonymous small denominational dollar contributions flow in. It was more than slightly suspect and probably wouldn’t pass an investigation by the FEC under a Republican held House. So that’s out. … Continue reading

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