Thank you

My thanks to everyone for the congratulations & well wishes. Two weeks out & he is still a beautiful little boy & his parents still look & act like people who have a two week old infant at home.

I know every parent has hopes & dreams for their kid. For me, my hope is that if I can not mold him into the Benevolent Dictator of All Mankind, I’ll shoot for the Gentleman Pirate Who Is A Thorn In The Side Of Governments Everywhere.

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2 Responses to Thank you

  1. Davidwhitewolf says:

    On that note, I suggest that henceforth the infant MadRock Jr. shall be referred to on RNS as “young Ragnar.” (after either Danneskjold or Benson, take your pick).

  2. Chris says:

    AKA Ragnar Danneskjöld

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