Post-Birthday Blues

I’m 43 now. Sharing a birthday with Mother’s Day takes all of the fun out of it, I tell you.

My favorite of all the versions of “House of the Rising Sun” is Joe & Eddie’s.

Although the Tesla Coil version is so utterly awesome it may very well top it.

For Latin flavor there’s Santa Esmerelda’s, new and old, which make me think of a California beach party for some reason:

But Gary Glitter’s, frankly, rocks. Crank it!

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3 Responses to Post-Birthday Blues

  1. Sennin says:

    Happy birthday, David … but comparatively, you’re still a kid 🙂

  2. BobG says:

    You are not old; I have t-shirts older than you.
    My favorite version of the song is still the old one by Eric Burdon and the Animals.

  3. wildbill says:

    Joan Baez’s version from the early 60s isn’t half bad.

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