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They really do not like this guy

Like you, I watched the footage of Newark, NJ Mayor, Cory Booker, on MTP where he made his statement that “private equity” shouldn’t be demonized by Democrats on the national stage. I also saw his video post later that day … Continue reading

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Brave and Bold Revisited

Photoshop and its ilk (actually, all of these covers were done using MS Paint) have made possible some fantastic fan art. This wonderful site is a feast for the imagination of folks like me who couldn’t get enough of the … Continue reading

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Thank you

My thanks to everyone for the congratulations & well wishes. Two weeks out & he is still a beautiful little boy & his parents still look & act like people who have a two week old infant at home. I … Continue reading

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Mr. Completely, European Steel Challenge Championships Senior Gold Medal Winner

Our hearts billow, yes they do.

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Kind of speaks for itself

Does it not?

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Not in Defense

Via Kevin Baker I came across this quote from Robb on the subject of libertarian “ideological purity” which stems from a post Ambulance Driver put up where he recounts a tale of getting a suicidal person put under evaluation. This … Continue reading

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Veddy Interestink

It seems that someone has had an idea For years, critics of the filibuster have failed to convince senators to change the procedural delaying tactic. Now they’re taking their case to the courts. The nonpartisan nonprofit Common Cause sued the … Continue reading

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Only half clever

The left considers themselves quite “clever”. They say the reason right-wing folks can’t get a show like The Daily Show is because the right can’t be smart & funny at the same time (aka: clever). The video below is what … Continue reading

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Post-Birthday Blues

I’m 43 now. Sharing a birthday with Mother’s Day takes all of the fun out of it, I tell you. My favorite of all the versions of “House of the Rising Sun” is Joe & Eddie’s. Although the Tesla Coil … Continue reading

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Another update

After a day & half of labor & some surgery, my son came into the world early last week. He’s a healthy, hungry boy. All involved parties are recovering & doing well & enjoying the spring sun.

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