Practice by Thinking

An intriguing experiment. I’ve found that simply thinking, hard, with concentration, about the mechanics involved in shooting accurately (including visualization, mental checklists, etc.) seems to improve my shooting tremendously the next time I hit the range — but then I’ve not shot frequently enough to say that with any sort of empirical certitude.

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4 Responses to Practice by Thinking

  1. Nope, it helps. The act of visualizing and running everything through mentally continues to improve and wire the necessary neural pathways required for the action. I will often visualize things that I can’t do on a regular basis as often as possible to keep them sharp. To aid in the muscle memory I also will do dry drills as well.

    It is the upshot if you have trained you self well to be able to accurately call a shot and know a good shot from a bad shot. If you know what a good shot feels like, you can continue to practice both mentally and “dry” to train your body and mind to seek that position.

    I don’t get out to 700 yards that often, but now when I do it’s like I never left the shooting line. Bring up the mental practice with Gene at the next Boomershoot, it was 2010 or 2011, I can’t remember but he talked about the mental prep work of an athlete. This is right up the same alley.

  2. Lyle says:

    Visualization is a useful form of practice in any endeavor. Professional athletes and the Blue Angels pilots are known to use it, for example.

  3. Kresh says:

    It’s something that I recall reading (years ago) in reference to some injured weightlifters. While they couldn’t actually lift, they would mentally picture their full exercise routines and even competitions. The weightlifters in question had quicker recoveries and were able to get back into the groove quicker.

    I though it was interesting. More interestingly, how does this apply to onanism?

  4. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Kresh, although I’ve seen women who claimed to be able to orgasm by thought alone, I’ve never been able to accomplish that myself.

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