Part of what is wrong with this country

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  1. Kristopher says:

    I agree.

    No thief should get a sentence longer than that of an ENRON fraudster unless they steal more than ENRON.

    No special treatment for executive thieves.

  2. Rolf says:

    Yup, that juxtaposition pretty much sums up a huge part of the problem. There is little correlation between damage done to individuals or society as a whole by a crime, and the punishment for it. We need a whole-sale re-write of punishments to have a better balance.

  3. Aaron says:

    And on top of that, travesties like handing down six and seven figure civil judgements to the RIAA and MPAA against people that downloaded some songs or movies (and then made them available P2P, usually accidentally).

  4. Sulaco says:

    The stick up man’s sentence more than likely took into consideration his prior histroy or crime, which I would be willing to bet is extensive. The wallstreeter not so much. Still 3 years is on the LOW end for such crimes unless he made a deal to help get the money back…

  5. Bram says:

    The CEO story is lacking a lot of details so I looked it up. According to this article, the CEO was not the primary guy committing fraud and six others are going to jail as well.

    Lee Farkas got 30 years for the bank fraud.

  6. Mad Rocket Scientist says:


    Thanks. Can you find anything about Roy Browns criminal history? I tried searching yesterday but drew a blank.

    Still, in many cases, our legal system levies punishments that do not fit the crime, usually heavy for blue collar crime, and light for white collar crime.

  7. Bram says:

    I don’t see anything – but state and federal authorities get really really touchy when it comes to bank robbery. Even with a pretend gun and small amounts of cash, they have no tolerance.

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