Loving It!

This is the beginning of Week 4 of my Econ101 course. I’m currently running at 92% overall in the course, but that isn’t the reason I’m excited about it.

It’s the textbook!

I blurbed on it back in August before Fall Quarter started and liked the reviews enough to think I would enjoy the course.

No nonsense. No farting around with generalized this-or-that theories. No Touchy-Feely. Just straight, to the bone, real world thinking and instruction on how the real world operates individual-to-individual, individual-to-business and business-to-business.

Yes, it is a pricey beast, but the content makes up for it. If you’re raising up some yungins in a home-school environment, this investment is definitely worth it.

They should be using this book and course in junior high school. But that would actually educate the little darlings, and we can’t have that!

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  1. RN says:

    Given the cover of the text, does it look like the subject of wind-farm economics will be coming up? As in, it not being economically sensible w/o massive government subsidies, and even then it’s benefits are questionable? Could make a for a interesting conversation – why does an oil company spill that kills a few dozen birds get them fined a half-million, but a wind-farm that kills HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS or similar birds get subsidized?

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