A sad statement regarding police officers

This is a blood-pressure-spiking story about a cop in Chicago who killed a man who was laying prone on the ground. ┬áThe cop is under investigation by the FBI, so that’s good(ish).

The sad bit is this:

Sierra fired 16 shots at Farmer, hitting him seven times, autopsy reports show. A Cook County deputy medical examiner, after performing an autopsy and later reviewing the video, said the three shots in the back were the fatal wounds.

16 shots, at point-blank range, and he hit his man-sized, non-moving target with less than 50% of the shots!

And only cops have the training, and can be trusted to carry firearms.

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5 Responses to A sad statement regarding police officers

  1. Sounds like another one I’ll be adding to the count for tomorrow. When the departments aren’t cleaning themselves up, but it takes the actions of the Feds, that falls under state sponsored.

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    “Lying prone.” “Lying.”

    I like my laying prone too, but I like a good lay in other positions as well.

  3. boBm says:

    That’s not shooting.. It’s called “unloading”
    pull trigger until slidelock.

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