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We take a loss on every deal…

…but we make it up in volume. I thought that we were just mortgaging our future so that we could continue buying their crap. I never considered that we were just giving it back to them.

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Best interest of the children?

http://www.king5.com/home/Report-shows-former-schools-superintendent-pushed-sale-of-district-property-for-cheap-132485223.html I think not. Yet Seattle Schools has a huge budget deficit and is always threatening teacher layoffs and school closures.

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…by the coward Robert Ford.

Sorry, that’s a cheap shot. Would have been nice though if he was fleeing the country because of the assassination of Bashar al-Assad. Just sayin.’

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A sad statement regarding police officers

This is a blood-pressure-spiking story about a cop in Chicago who killed a man who was laying prone on the ground. ┬áThe cop is under investigation by the FBI, so that’s good(ish). The sad bit is this: Sierra fired 16 … Continue reading

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The goal of the solar PV industry

Solar cells so cheap they are the plastic silverware of energy production.

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