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Messing with perception?

I was looking up a photo for something or other last night and I was at the Bing Image Search page. In the fifth photo on the top row was a link to pics of the Flea Party Occupiers under … Continue reading

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What the Left Wants

Opening line to the celebrtatory Khadaffy post @ the DKos “This is Awesome” This is what they’re celebrating. It’s not the picture Kos is using, but this is what they’re celebrating. Executions without trials. Also known as “Social Justice”. Does … Continue reading

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Practice by Thinking

An intriguing experiment. I’ve found that simply thinking, hard, with concentration, about the mechanics involved in shooting accurately (including visualization, mental checklists, etc.) seems to improve my shooting tremendously the next time I hit the range — but then I’ve … Continue reading

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