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Trains! Zombies!

I‘ve not posted much about one of my other passions, railroads. Model railroading, live steam, railfanning, it’s all good. In fact, I like it all as much as Bub loved his Walkman.* On that note, Brigid has a couple of … Continue reading

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I love petitions, but I think people aren’t quite understanding how they are used

I got this in my email this morning: When Molly Katchpole found out that Bank of America would charge $5 a month to use a debit card, she was upset — so she started a petition on Change.org. Since then, … Continue reading

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Scary Thoughts for Scary Times

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From the “Dumb Criminals” file

Silly Fleabaggers. Thinking they can be like the Tea Party. Seattle police arrested a convicted felon who was carrying a rifle in Westlake Park on Monday night, the Seattle Police Department said. When Tea Party supporters carry their rifles to … Continue reading

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