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Herman Cain = Fred Thompson

= By which I mean to say, Mitt Romney = John McCain. Get it? I’m not alone in this, of course. As one of the suckers who paid good money into Fred Thompson’s campaign while he was spending fundraisers watching … Continue reading

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State of Nature

Seems the revealing comments of a non-Western diplomat about the anarchic nature of the international states-system are causing consternation among Western foreign-relations establishment types, liberal internationalists that they are. These folks need to reread their Hedley Bull. As a devotee … Continue reading

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“Sybil” was Faked

Wow, this is huge.  

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All together now….

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RNS Quote of the Day, 10/17/11

…[T]here is one other way I can see the government that has stolen the name of the United States go under, without the immediate need to shoot government agents, and that is the end I have been directing most of … Continue reading

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