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Hornady Z-Max Zombie Ammunition

Hat tip to Petey: I’m told the actor wanted to keep his finger off the trigger until sights were on target, but the ad director overruled him. This is real ammunition and you can buy it now. Note the disclaimer: … Continue reading

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Last Meal for a Critic

Cool review here. I’ve never eaten at French Laundry, of which the restaurant reviewed is an East-Coast spinoff, but I’ve wanted to for a long time. Probably should try to do so before the economy really tanks, hmm? Why do … Continue reading

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Should Thingverse allow gun parts

Go over there & tell them what you think.

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Just as you expected

No coherent message: Check Vagrant style of dress: Check The latest gadgets from one of America’s largest corporations: Check Is Occupy Wall Street just one big party for hipsters? Yes. Yes it is. Rick Perlstein of the hyper-leftist Crooks & … Continue reading

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