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Prairie Gold Foods

I am almost ashamed to admit this as a prepper, but I fell for the Prairie Gold Foods “drive-by-steak scam.” It was back a month or so ago when the markets one Friday evening really looked like the following Monday … Continue reading

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Early Soundboard: What We’re Listening To Edition

Kim Sozzi’s Little Bird: Alexandra Stan’s ridiculously catchy Mr. Saxobeat: Medina’s Addiction: Daniela’s You & I: And oh, hell, some Rick Perry mangling the English language. You’re welcome!

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RNS Quote of the Day, 09/27/11

What this means is right now, based on the data of a respected Democratic pollster, Democrats would — if the election were held today — suffer a wipeout that makes what happened to them in 2010 look like a walk … Continue reading

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