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Murum Aries Attigit

Used as a legal principle. The whole letter’s very entertaining; the Latin phrase, literally “The Ram has Touched the Wall,” caps it off. It means, roughly, “we will kill you all.” I like this lawyer’s style. via Popehat.

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A Short Story

ET’s writing again. Go read. Also, I’ll be at GBR-VI starting Thursday evening. Should be there in time for the late-night bullshit sessions. Wife will arrive Friday evening so she can shoot steel Saturday with the Glock she won in … Continue reading

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IKEAHack blog admin removes gun related post

Because people bullied him into it. It’s his blog, so it’s his right to do that, but it’s a shame that he caved. Here’s the cached copy.

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One example

Robert over The Truth About Guns posts up about the crappy tunage used to accompany shooting videos. I wholeheartedly concur. In fact, my last shooting video (that was oh so very long ago) was an effort to break that tide, … Continue reading

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