I’d have never thunk it

Somebody at MSNBC actually gets it.

Well, most of it. He seems to forget just how “bought” his preferred Chief Executive is.

But that doesn’t matter. Just take a look at the frightened look on the faces of his guest commentators at around the 5:08 mark as he goes off.

WTWT (like RTWT, but with watching instead of reading).

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1 Response to I’d have never thunk it

  1. Windy Wilson says:

    WTWT. No reading required. Good, it ought to be accessible to the illiterates who voted for Ratigan’s preferred Chief Executive, then.
    Now, if it would only induce a re-thinking of their basic principles and outlook on life so as to no longer vote for such Chief Executives or other elected officials as they have in the past.

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