Book Learning

Now that Summer Quarter is over and things have finally settled down a bit (automotive repairs & vet visits, mostly), I’d like to tell you more about the book I was assigned to use for my Political Science class.

I really cannot say enough good things about this book. You need to buy it. Tomorrow if not today (before next quarter’s students go and snatch them all up).

I was prepared to be bombarded with the typical leftist/academic pap (but I repeat myself) on anyone/anything to the right of the Clinton Administration, but was pleasantly surprised to see Conservatism, Libertarianism and even Anarcho-Capitalism treated with an even hand. No backhanded compliments, snide comments or aligning them in one way or another with Hitler.

The only depressing part was the section on Socialism and its various forms and seeing the confirmation that everything around me fit into just about every little box in the chapter. If you weren’t aware that you lived in a Democratic Socialist nation then, quite literally, read it and weep (and hope your tears don’t make your mag springs rust up).

Seriously though, if you are or know a home-schooler, I cannot recommend this book more highly for political studies courses, though I’d only recommend it to kids with a 9th grade or higher vocabulary. And if you are an adult who wants to start figuring out where everyone stands (or even just yourself) this is a better than “good” starting reference work.


Fall Quarter starts in a couple weeks, and I’m scheduled to (finally) get back to my Geography studies, as well as a 100 level Economics course. We’ll be using this book and after reviews like this:

I have high hopes for the class

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