Round In the Chamber

This post from the Packing Rat made thoughts of “no-round-in-the-chamber” carry float around in the nether regions of my brain, so I was primed to notice the lesson on that subject in this from FerFal:

This shooter used to claim that you don’t need to carry with a round in the chamber because you always have that split second to chamber a round. In contrast to safer places where such claims end up only in internet debates, in Buenos Aires it unfortunately happens that your theories and beliefs regarding guns and techniques are put to test in the real world. He was wrong, of course.

During a home invasion he sees a couple bad guys entering his home. He draws his Steyr pistol, aims at the closest one and pulls the trigger… click. As the criminals bring up their own guns he instinctively does a “stop” gesture with his other hand. The criminals don’t stop. The first round penetrates his palm, goes all across the inside of his arm and exits through his shoulder. Unlike sometimes when you don’t even realize when you get shot, this time he says it instantly hurt like hell and the pain was overwhelming. The other 10 shots he receives all over his abdomen don’t hurt as much. He spends time in the intensive care unit, takes years for him to recover including 12 months with a colostomy but he survives.

I’ve been through a shooting myself and I know darned well I would not have had time to rack the slide before being jumped.

The lesson: Your gun is always loaded. Period.

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2 Responses to Round In the Chamber

  1. Bram says:

    Sounds like the lesson is to remember your weapon’s condition and practice with it that way. I had to carry that way in the military (mag in, no round in the chamber). I keep my home defense weapon that way too.

  2. Chris says:

    Bram must be from Israel.

    I know of absolutely ZERO serious self defense/military training schools that even advance the condition 3 carry.

    Not even the fucktards at Gunsite would suggest this if you had other options.

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