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Early Soundboard: Cheer the Fuck Up Edition

Entirely too much doom-n-gloom circulating among my favorite gunbloggers these days. First Kevin closes shop, then Barron follows suit, Breda’s muttering threats of packing up, ai yi yi! I’m gonna have a mini-megapost up tomorrow or Friday (aw hell, this … Continue reading

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Google “Rick Perry’s Boots” (Bumped)

Just for fun. Here’s a link for the lazy. Also there’s this close-up. I said “Fuck Yeah!” How ’bout you? I’m reading his book Fed Up! now, and it’s got stump speech written all over it, especially the last chapter.

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Feed Me, Seymour!

Good find, Cap’n.

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If there’s an ELLE Bulgaria, of all places, can there really be a world depression?

Not knocking Bulgaria. Just sayin.’ Elle don’t sell cheap stuff. The wife and I like the elfin Inna, Romanian dance-pop ingenue. She has a catchy stable of tunes, like the ones below, but I must admit the very cool “10 … Continue reading

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Calling out the hypocrisy

Good editorial in the WSJ on Voter ID laws

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Mondays aren’t as bad as people say

Look what happened this last Monday Monday’s ruling dismissed a lawsuit brought by Righthaven, a Las Vegas-based copyright litigation factory jointly owned with newspaper publisher Stephens Media. The venture’s litigation tactics and ethics are being questioned by several judges and attorneys, a factor … Continue reading

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Exit Interview

My very last writing assignment in my Social Sciences English course from last quarter was to write a “Self Assessment” paper stating what I had like/disliked/learned/discovered/etc. in the class. I couldn’t really deal with any more writing at the time, … Continue reading

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Things that make you go Hrmmmm…

I’ve been told by more than one librarian that one of the top items for theft in a library are the study guides for police exams. I wonder if Breda has an opinion on that

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