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No Sheepdogs

We’re rapidly heading for a world in which the whole wolves/sheep/sheepdogs = bad guys/innocents/good guys paradigm breaks down. Instead, cops are properly now seen by civilians as threats. They have the capacity to kill you, and sometimes do. Threat does … Continue reading

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Jose Guerena Massacre Photos

Here. Four points: 1) That’s a well-cared-for smaller home with nice furnishings. Looks like a nicely-kept starter home to me. From my conversations with cops, most criminals’ homes are not nearly this tidy. Could this be your house, dear reader? … Continue reading

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Next Up: US Census SWAT teams

More details on the Federal Student-Loan SWAT assault team in Stockton: In Stockton, California, Kenneth Wright was at home with his three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 when a SWAT team burst into his home at 6 a.m., … Continue reading

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Just like Hall & Oates

I can’t go for this The original is better. Especially with Viking Kittens A swing and a miss for my man Reznor.

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