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Hell On Earth

Oh, lovely, it appears that the mysterious Clovis extinction event just twelve thousand years back was caused by intense radiation from a gigantic solar flare. A few hours’ warning, that’s all we’d get. Inconstant Moon, indeed. (If you don’t get … Continue reading

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Greetings from California

Lots and lots of good things are happening on the legal and Cali-gun-rights-groups front. I’m too swamped to write about any of those things yet. However, here’s a tangential example of Good Stuff Happening: it’s the cover to a recent … Continue reading

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Round In the Chamber

This post from the Packing Rat made thoughts of “no-round-in-the-chamber” carry float around in the nether regions of my brain, so I was primed to notice the lesson on that subject in this from FerFal: This shooter used to claim … Continue reading

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