The Unspoken Words

We are participants in our own tyranny. Go read.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    The linked article is eloquent, and, (off topic), tells us what Ayn Rand sycophants refuse to consider: Rand had a lot to say, but she was insecure as an author, and felt she had to get TOO detailed in her lead-ups to major concepts. A later author, Tom Clancy, proved her style to be wrong.

    This is nothing more than the story of the boiled frog. The Feds are VERY good at incrementalism, and the only time they violate that principle of change is when events give them imprimatur to do it, i.e. 9-11-01.

    As educated citizens, it becomes OUR duty to keep our history references handy, to analyze the sweep of events, and to refer our readers back to the baseline concept at hand. Education will NEVER be truly universal, God makes us all a little different, and especially with varying capacities to assimilate and use history, so it is absolutely incumbent on those of us who possess these abilities to use them for the good of those who don’t possess them.

    If that sounded elitist, too bad. It’s true. “Noblesse oblige” is an ancient concept in our Western World, but still very valid, and our Civilization depends on it.

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