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Sucker Punch is what Wonder Woman should be

Seriously, Wonder Woman is an Amazon Warrior Princess, ferchrissake. In 1981’s Superman and Spider-Man, Spidey is in the middle of being thrashed by Wonder Woman, and literally ALL he can think is “She’s so beautiful!” That’s what the action sequences … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day, 04/06/11

President Obama actually appears at his best when he is campaigning. It’s almost as though he sees the presidency as coming with a restraining bolt that holds him back rather than serving as a pedestal that puts him above the … Continue reading

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I’m not ignoring you

I’m just having my ass handed to me by school. I’m swimming an a morass of leftist tripe and trying to extract myself from it so that I may walk on top of it as swiftly as possible. This weekend … Continue reading

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