I’ll Take My Pay in California Gold Bruins, Please

Verrry interesting. Emphasis mine:

But we know from Mrs. Kelo’s case that this needn’t be the end of things. People began to see the logic and think about property rights, and now at least 43 states have passed laws to make it harder for state and local jurisdictions to use the power of eminent domain to seize private land for someone else’s private use.

Could such a thing happen with money? Well, there is a part of the Constitution called Article I, Section 10. It is the section that lists the things that states can never do. And one of these prohibited activities is making legal tender out of something other than gold or silver coin. So what is happening now is that a growing number of states, watching the sickening plunge in the value of federal money, are starting to explore how they can set up monetary systems based on gold or silver coins. The most recent effort was launched in Virginia, where there is a bill before the General Assembly to set up a joint committee to study the question. There have been early stirrings—just stirrings—in the legislatures of several other states.

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2 Responses to I’ll Take My Pay in California Gold Bruins, Please

  1. Mee says:

    The next step is succession. I’ll become a citizen of the republic of texas. Let the states with debt pay it off themselves.

  2. Mee says:

    God have mercy on us for tolerating use of public money to execute a hollocaust more poignant than abortion: female “birth” control.

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