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RNS Quote of the Day, 03/17/2011

Even if the Japanese nuclear plants exploded … there is no danger of radiation fallout here in the US. (ask me how I know) —Alan @ Snarkybytes All the Fantasy-Islanders running about screaming THE PLUME, THE PLUME notwithstanding, I’ll try … Continue reading

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Anal Sex and God’s Will

Short version: He says go for it! I’m not one, but for those readers who are believers, y’all may find this sex-positive site useful. It’s chock-full of thoughtful discussions of Christian anal and oral sex, Viagra usage, masturbation (God’s gift … Continue reading

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“The A in M1A Stands for Awesome”

ET has a good range report here. He’s been writing some good stuff recently, too; check it out. Just keep scrolling.

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