I Can’t Wait for Tax Day

The wife and I are reading through the novel together. Her first time; my second. On Joe Huffman’s recommendation, we also have the audiobook version on our phones, which is nice for long drives. Now we have a deadline date to be finished with it. The film will be released April 15, 2011. Here’s hoping a major distributor picks it up.

I was worried they’d crater without the major studio backing that Angelina Jolie’s involvement would have ensured, but it looks like they did just fine. The lead actress is not my mental image of Dagny Taggart, but she’s growing on me.

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  1. AnejoDave says:

    That actually looks like it doesn’t suck. It’ll be a lot of fun watching Hollyweird get it’s frilly little panties in a knot trying to distance themselves from this movie. Then if it makes good on it’s promise, they’ll flock to it trying to ride the bandwagon. One can only hope that they would then be shunned, mocked and ridiculed as they so richly deserve.

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