The Easy Way

Whenever tax discussions with leftists or people who just don’t know any better (but I repeat myself) take place, I frequently hear the whine about how people who pay Capital Gains are getting off easy only having to pay the 15% rate. Mostly because I bring up the fact that they should be at 0%.

I know I should just stop bringing it up, but it is just so much fun to do the math for them.

Even if this doesn’t happen to you as frequently as it does me, you should still read this quick primer on why Capital Gains taxes should be 0%.

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One Response to The Easy Way

  1. Firehand says:

    It’s like arguing with people about the death tax; I have yet to hear an actual, sensible answer as to why they think it’s fair that, just because you die, the gummint should be able to take a humongous chunk of what you worked for.

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