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Video Games & Crime Rates

Interesting Thesis: (RTWT) Second – what about video games? This thought just struck me today – but looking at these charts, crime has been steadily decreasing since 1990 – about the time when video games were going mainstream and video … Continue reading

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Three from Chuck

GBR-V wasn’t the same as GBR-IV without Ziegenfuss there. Genius? Wisdom? You make the call: I don’t want these three back. A cool half-million isn’t a ransom, it’s a huge tax on their families–a tax on them for raising, and … Continue reading

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The Master and Margarita

Via the new-to-me blog A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter, I learned in this post about fresh trout of the novel The Master and Margarita: a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, woven around the premise of a visit by the … Continue reading

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Interesting Papers

Some deal with guns

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Hope you have a change of pants

Because this chart, showing how much of your tax dollars are used by politicians to buy votes, should make you fill them. The accompanying article is here.

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To UC Irvine! They’ve won the 2009-10 “Most anti-Semitic College in California” award. Anti-Semitic incidents are common at the University of California at Irvine, and the Muslim Student Union is the major perpetrator. Although not all the antisemitic events at … Continue reading

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Swimmer’s Ear?

That is the only reason I figure that he couldn’t hear the theme music Judson Newton, missing Bahamas boater, likely found inside shark off “Jaws Beach” A boater who disappeared off Jaws Beach – on an island where one of … Continue reading

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