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Why O’Donnell Has A Better Chance

than most people may think. Buried in the first post-primary Delaware poll is this gem. Now remember, Delaware is uber-lefty and this is Joe Biden’s state, kay? 7* Suppose the new Arizona immigration law was being considered for your state. … Continue reading

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Interesting discussion of Miranda

Here a bit more here

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Marie Claire on Guns

Interview with Paxton Quigley. When you’ve cracked the Vogue/Marie Claire/WWD fashion-mag circuit, the times indeed are a-changin.’ I just think guns can prevent rape — and a lot of women do not ever get over rape. Good stuff.

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It’s a good thing I’m building up the Jeep

If these guys are right, Seattle will have the same climate as Anchorage in a couple decades. Sunspot formation is triggered by a magnetic field, which scientists say is steadily declining. They predict that by 2016 there may be no … Continue reading

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Takin’ back the streets

Of Berlin Young Israelis moving to Berlin in droves Nirit Bialer, granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, welcomes listeners in Hebrew to a one-hour radio show of music, talk and interviews. The setting isn’t her native Israel but a radio station in … Continue reading

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The Easy Way

Whenever tax discussions with leftists or people who just don’t know any better (but I repeat myself) take place, I frequently hear the whine about how people who pay Capital Gains are getting off easy only having to pay the … Continue reading

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Go Boom!

Images of nuclear explosions – awesome, fascinating, and terrifying

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