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Did anyone else not hear…

about this all day in the MSM? The good news is that he is still on a watch list. Maybe it was all just a big misunderstanding. Or, maybe he was testing to see what would/would not garner extra attention … Continue reading

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Self-Healing Solar Cells

Neat idea

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Excellent Posts

From a self-described liberal Sustainable Sentiments – Discussing the Localvore movement & why we can not scale it to feed everyone Political Science – Filleting scientists who got all tribal over the environment, thereby short-circuiting the system of fact checking … Continue reading

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Education Matters

“There’s so much more discretion with the use of force and more room for biases to play out,” Terrill said. “High-school educated officers are more apt to say, ‘I’m the law and I have the authority to make you do … Continue reading

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RNS Quote of the Day: 09/07/10

The difference between the Prags and the Fudds. Pierce Butler lived in the world as it is. We wish to change the world, but to do so we must first live in the world as it is and act accordingly … Continue reading

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