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Why You Don’t Want to Represent Yourself In Court

…because even if you have a rock-solid, slam-dunk winning case, fully documented, with decisions in your favor from Federal circuit courts, if you walk into court without an attorney and the other side has an attorney, you will get steamrolled … Continue reading

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Saturday Night Tune for Lovers

Rock out with your special someone to this remix in your own special way, folks. Enjoy.

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The Dark is Rising

No, not the Susan Cooper series that is a hell of a lot better than Harry Potter. (I highly recommend it; The Dark is Rising and The Grey King each can be read on their own and are masterpieces). Rather, … Continue reading

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You Want One

Getcher Lawn Signs here. Or you can get ’em by visiting Caleb (and Phil) in person this weekend.

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RNS Quote of the Day, 09/04/10

Finally, in apparent breach of its own issuance policy, the County grants CCWs to members of the Honorary Deputy Sheriff’s Association (“HDSA”) – a private, civilian entity, wherein membership is achieved merely by being sponsored by a current member, passing … Continue reading

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