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A great video from a great Patriot

I saw this video over two years ago, but just recently found it in my bookmarks. Most of you probably already know his story, but may not have seen this. What a Patriot! I think the only reason he is … Continue reading

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Truly The End Is Nigh

How else to explain that a Taiwanese single-malt beat Scotch premiums in a blind taste test?

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Gunny Duck (NSFW if you understand Duckspeak)

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Obama Administration Reverses Course, Forbids Sale of 850,000 Antique Rifles

Most of you are probably aware of the ongoing drama, but the end of the article caught my eye: The White House referred questions on the issue to the Pentagon, which referred questions to the U.S. Embassy in South Korea, … Continue reading

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Interesting reading

About the effectiveness of interrogation techniques

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Shooting Water

Pics of bullets passing through water drops

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Answering the Call

You may have seen on Joe’s blog that Caleb of GunNutsMedia.Net was looking for volunteers to lend a hand this weekend with the NRA Washington Open House at the Norpoint Range in Arlington, WA. I sent off an email and … Continue reading

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RNS Quotes of the Day: 09/01/10

I’d like to start this month with optimism, but the current endeavor of the Executive Branch, combined with their track record, means that I’m afraid I cannot do that. The idea of imposing universal peace on the world by force … Continue reading

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Not very good “watchdogs”

It’s the (D) that calms them. Watchdogs are divided over whether the ethics committee should immediately investigate Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). Johnson has been accused of awarding thousands of dollars in college scholarships to four relatives as well as … Continue reading

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This is what happens

When a city refuses to control its population of vagrants. A 35-year-old Seattle man is facing assault and hate crime charges following allegations that he accosted a clerk at a Queen Anne convenience store. According to police, Brock Stainbrook derided … Continue reading

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