I’m not talking dollars here.

Yesterday, Uncle posted about the guy folks are calling The Ice Man. Douglas Kaynor was making plastic pop bottles pop in his backyard using dry ice. His neighbor complained, the police arrived and Kaynor is now facing 10 charges in federal court.

In an eerily similar new case, two bartenders who do tricks like breath fire and juggle liquor bottles were arrested in Chicago for…. wait for it…. breathing fire and juggling liquor bottles. They face 45 years each for what they have been employed by the bar owner to do for a decade.

I guess I must have missed which bill Obama signed that gave the power of arrest to the Fun Police.

Second story link found @ Bill Quick’s

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2 Responses to Overcharged

  1. Old Marine says:

    Too many Federal Laws. After the Revolution there will be a House of Repeal. They will do nothing except repeal old and intrusive laws.

  2. Sulaco says:

    Still dry ice bombs have been used to kill at least two people by gangs in CA…still the fire breathing thing I don’t get at all.

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