If I hadn’t read it on Military.com

I’d have thought this was another pedophile priest.  The whitewashing and shuffling sure seems familiar.  What is it about administrations that makes them think that moving a sexual predator around, or covering for him/her, will in anyway protect the organization, or avoid future victims?

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2 Responses to If I hadn’t read it on Military.com

  1. DFWMTX says:

    I could approve of moving folks like this around if it were done right. Exile used to be a punishment for various crimes. A lonely hermitage on some rocky, barren isle where a priest could’ve been alone with their sins and God would’ve been a good choice for the RCC to shuffle priests to. This guy however should be transfered to a base in Alaska to tell polar bears to turn their head and cough.

  2. Winmag says:

    This guy was in the Navy Medical Corps because he was probably a marginal physician at best. Saw a lot of these clowns the 5 years I was in. I see the Navy hasn’t gotten any better at policing its own.

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