Something to actually like about the NRA making a deal with the Democrats on the DISCLOSE Act.

It pisses off Dennis Hennigan

It’s now clear that the Democratic leadership in Congress has turned the reins of power over to the National Rifle Association. Is it time to make it official and elect the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Speaker of the House?

Another HuffPo poster, Lawrence Lessig, is even more sad panda over it

Pathetic and puny victories are defeats, not victories. And they are certainly not the sort of resolve that will convince anyone that “change” has come to Washington. Not even those who thought they were already convinced.

Otherwise, I’m still on the fence and leaning towards not being happy with the NRA.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    I’ve been told that each one of these concords with the enemy are very carefully thought out, but as I remember from my history of diplomacy course in college, a concord is supposed to strengthen one’s own position while denying something of use to the opposition, or you don’t do one.

    The previous acccord, that of not opposing a wider use of NICS to deal with supposedly mentally-teetering veterans and prepare to deny them their 2A rights, had very little of advantage to the NRA that I was ever able to discern. It was of HUGE advantage to the anti-2A people.

    This accord, going against the First Amendment as it does, has little to recommend it, other than it is a convenient napkin for McCain to wipe the egg off his face with.

    I’m sure that somewhere, there exists a group of people who are as fervent about retaining their 1A rights as we are about retaining our 2A rights. We should have been making these people allies to our cause, but instead, we have now spit in their faces.

    That’s not an accord OR a concord, it’s a discord, and as such, it is a huge gaffe on the part of the NRA. We members should have been polled on this deal before it was struck.

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