Bringing it home

I don’t think that this is what they wanted, but they, and the rest of us, are getting it anyway.

Administration: 51% of companies’ health plans won’t pass muster

Internal White House documents reveal that 51% of employers may have to relinquish their current health care coverage by 2013 due to ObamaCare. That numbers soars to 66% for small-business employers.

The documents — product of a joint project of the Labor Department, the Health and Human Services Department and the IRS — examine the effects new regulations would have on existing, or “grandfathered,” employer-based health care plans.

Draft copies of the documents were reportedly leaked to House Republicans earlier in the week. Rep. Bill Posey, R-Fla., posted them on his Web site Friday afternoon.

The full report is here.

I recently got something in the mail from my employer on this topic. It is drivel typical of an international corporation that has to explain without inciting either side of the political aisle. While the company is decidedly blue-collar, a lot of them are overly pro-union. Also, while I am not one of them, a goodly number of those that are white collar work for the company because or our “Green Factor”.

However, while it is drivel, they are still quite honest and upfront.

Now that health reform legislation has become law there are a lot of questions about how and when people will see changes in their plans. However, it will be some time before all the details are worked out by the government.

As you may have seen in (company newsletter name here) there will be no changes to our plans for the remainder of 2010. Our plans already comply with most of the provisions required by the new law.

Changes will be made over the next eight years as we position the plans to comply with the various components of the law. The benefits team has been closely following the reform efforts and will keep you informed as the provisions are finalized in the coming years.

You should know that these changes will increase our plans’ costs. Therefore, it is more important than ever that we all be actively involved in our own health care.

The unionized employees will not see their health care costs rise until their next contract negotiation. I sincerely hope that they are made to pay through the nose, since it was their union’s political contributions that helped elect the current administration and Congress.

Unfortunately, I foresee that folks like myself will be getting poked in the pooper in short order.

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