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Crime Does Pay

Labor Dept. Offers Assistance to Illegal Immigrants Facing Wage Disparities In a public service announcement posted on the department’s website, Solis says workers — legal or not — have the right to fair wages.

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Cover Art

Get your exquisite examples on SciFi book cover art right here (and some older James Bond stuff too)

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When one chooses to remain ignorant of history

Then one chooses to just be ignorant. Apparently there is some whining going on about the possibility of Angelina Jolie being cast to play Cleopatra in an upcoming flick. Counting Cats has his way with them. What part of Cleopatra … Continue reading

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It’s a mystery

So far this year, the Washington citizenry has, for all intents and purposes, endorsed two separate solutions in the form of Citizen Initiatives to rid ourselves of the state government’s monopoly on liquor sales. But when the votes get counted … Continue reading

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