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You’ve probably been saying to yourself

“Self, where has David, the RNS resident legal eagle, gone off too?” You could say that he has been hosting his own episode of “House M.D.“. Here it is in his own words: A cautionary tale: So this all started … Continue reading

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Hopefully, just the first of many

When you’re LEO murdering brother asks you to help him and his accomplice hide, TELL HIM NO! Or this could be you The sister of cop killer Maurice Clemmons was sentenced this morning to five years in prison for helping … Continue reading

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Well, that ends that discussion

Seems other folks weren’t too happy with the NRA exemption to the DISCLOSE Act. Following a rebellion by two important factions of rank-and-file House Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has pulled a campaign-finance bill opposed by a broad coalition of … Continue reading

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What will AlGore do with his evenings

That was the first question that ran through my mind when I read this headline Chatroulette Plans Penis-Recognition Algorithm to Block Users There’s something exhilarating about meeting someone new, whether it’s in a coffee shop or online. That is, until … Continue reading

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